About RehabPath

About RehabPath

Who We Are

We exist to make the first step in a family’s path to recovery the right step through knowledgeable, unbiased, and helpful information while continuing to provide relevant resources throughout their entire recovery journey. 

Independent & Unbiased

We do not own nor are operated by a treatment center. We strive to remain objective and only present facts about providers, treatment approaches, and so on.


Our guiding principle is to put the patient first. We never put the needs of sponsors over the goal of helping every person that comes to the site. Here are some ways our sites may stand apart from others:

  • We don’t charge for listings. Often listing sites will purposefully hide information on free listings, like the phone number or website in order to try to coax more providers into paying for sponsorships. This hurts the patient’s experience and we don’t believe in delegitimizing providers that don’t or can’t pay. All of the offerings we provide to sponsors are in addition to the good quality, baseline listing we give to any provider. (Think Yelp or TripAdvisor)
  • The only phone numbers on center pages are for the actual center. Often, treatment directories build a business on pushing people to call their call center. Sometimes, the call center phone number is shown in such a way that a consumer thinks they are calling a treatment center’s direct line, but in fact they are calling a call center who may try to funnel this person to a particular center. We avoid this altogether, by only listing the actual provider’s number on the page.
  • We do not take referral fees of any kind from providers. We also don’t sell leads.
  • There is no hotline. We don’t aggregate our visitors information or sell calls or leads in any way. 100% of our listings and advertising is branded by the treatment center, so patients are always talking directly to a vetted provider, never a middle man.

Our Team

Ben Camp


Getting involved with marketing while attending seminary, Ben has found the perfect niche—marketing that helps change people’s lives. Since 2010, he’s been helping treatment programs around the world connect with patients through the Internet, whether that’s treatment centers in India reaching low-income people on their mobile phones or luxury centers in the US.

Jeremiah Calvino


Jeremiah has been helping treatment centers do effective, ethical marketing for over 10 years. He’s a prominent expert in treatment center brand-building, communication and advertising. He is passionate that every person counts and that every interaction must put patient first.

Olivia Marcellino

VP of Research & Operations

In addition to helping RehabPath run smoothly and fostering a healthy, happy, and productive team culture, Olivia oversees research, making sure what we collect and publish on treatment providers is accurate and helpful. She holds a Master of Science in Addiction Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University, King’s College London and University of Adelaide, a B.S. in Biology (pre-med), and over 10 years of experience in the addiction treatment industry. Olivia understands that substance abuse and mental health issues can happen to anyone, and believes in treating others with compassion, dignity, and respect.  

Jeff Powell

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff brings over 25 years of combined experience in tech, software engineering, networking, security, and leadership to the RehabPath team. He ensures the product that we create for our customers aligns with our mission of making someone’s first step towards getting treatment easier by providing unbiased information and relevant resources throughout their entire recovery journey. Jeff’s interests center on all things health, fitness and nutrition, as well as a passion for service to others.

Marat Gaziev

Director of SEO

Marat is a well-known expert in the SEO space and has directed SEO initiatives at Fortune 500 companies and startups in the Silicon Valley and beyond. Marat’s work helps those seeking rehab online find the most relevant resources.

Robb Schuler

Business Development Director

Robb’s experience in the addiction treatment field spans over 40 years, during which he served as Director of Operations and Business Development at a luxury treatment center in California, co-launched a treatment facility in Kentucky, and raised awareness about adolescent substance abuse with an educational nonprofit. Robb now draws on his time in the rehab industry, his experience as a municipal judge, and his own family history to serve others seeking treatment. His role at RehabPath is to increase providers’ visibility and ensure clients are matched with qualified programs that fit their needs. Live music, fishing, and connecting with family and friends are his greatest joys.

Bailey Griswold

Head of Engineering

An original member of RehabPath’s startup team, Bailey applies his 6 years of experience as a full-stack developer to continually improving our sites. Bailey started coding at age 12 and stays focused on personal and professional growth. He aims to simplify the experience of finding a rehab center by making websites better, faster, and more user-friendly.

Kayla Gill

Content Director

Kayla oversees RehabPath’s content strategy and creation. She holds over 6 years of experience in the rehab space, including in-house content management at a luxury treatment center and founding a rehab-specialized content marketing agency. She believes addiction and mental health issues are universal human experiences that can serve as important entry points onto a path towards self-realization and wellbeing. Kayla lives in a forest in southern Mexico and studies yoga, dance, and martial arts.

Bernie Taracevicz

Head of Growth

Bernie has over 30 years of experience in startup, tech, and corporate environments, and is responsible for driving RehabPath’s revenue and growth. A firm believer that everything you do makes a difference, Bernie enjoys playing music, traveling, and skiing.

Jen Scott

Customer Experience Manager

Always seeing the glass as half full, Jen builds lasting relationships with RehabPath’s clients via engaging, efficient, and positive communication. She holds over 5 years of experience as a Communication Specialist in the healthcare field and a B.A. in Business Administration with a major in Management, and is currently pursuing a technical diploma in Addiction Studies. Jen is passionate about seeing people break cycles and grow their confidence to flourish in life, and is honored to serve those seeking help to do so. An adventurer at heart, she loves running, hiking, kayaking and spending time in nature. 

Grant Kyle

Junior Web Developer

Grant uses his background in UI-focused digital marketing and experience working for multiple early-stage startups to make RehabPath’s websites more approachable and efficient. Grant’s family culture taught him the value of mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness early in life, and he feels fortunate to work in a role that empowers treatment seekers to get the help they need. A perpetual learner, he gets his life from music, food, hiking, biking, running, yoga, swimming, and soaking up the sun.

Sarah Shawaker

Research Specialist

An ardent mental health advocate, Sarah holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At RehabPath, she uses her academic background and passion for helping others to create useful and unbiased resources for people in need of treatment. In her free time, Sarah loves dancing, concerts and being outdoors.

Dan Davidson

Business Development Representative

Dan leverages his combination of full-cycle sales and mental health advocacy experience to help treatment centers gain more exposure and connect with aligned clientele. Dan recognizes that everyone gets overwhelmed at times, and wants people who feel discouraged, disappointed or stuck to know that things can change. Faith, fitness, personal development, and relationships are his priorities in life, as his commitment to lifelong learning.

Signe Engelien

Provider Support Specialist

Signe bridges treatment providers and RehabPath by building trust through effective communication. With over 15 years’ experience in providing exceptional client experiences, including work with Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) recovery services, Signe supports our customers in making sure they’re transparently represented so treatment seekers can make choices based on accurate information. Signe understands that as humans, we all need a helping hand from time to time, and that everyone struggling with addiction deserves to lead a happy and healthy life. Nature feeds her soul, and she spends time outside every day via gardening, hiking, biking, paddling and travel.

Charles Donaldson

Project Manager

Charles helps ideas at RehabPath go from concept to reality. With 7 years’ combined experience in project management and quality assurance, including work with a successful digital health startup, Charles delivers efficient, timely processes and projects to make sure treatment seekers find the help they need. He loves relationship building and applies this passion to advancing RehabPath’s goal of empowering those with addiction and mental illness. When he’s not working, Charles stays active, whether it’s through ultimate Frisbee, basketball, spending time outdoors, traveling, or running around with his 2 kids.

Helen Heidel

Senior Copywriter

Helen assists our content team in creating valuable, educational resources for treatment seekers. With an international upbringing and diverse agency experience including over 6 years in editorial roles, she helps RehabPath’s site visitors make better-informed choices about which rehabs best meet their needs. Helen spends her free time staying active, exploring new countries, and lazing at tropical beaches within striking distance of her home base, Bangkok.

Samjot Singh

FullStack Web Developer

Samjot brings over 5 years of experience as a full-stack developer to the RehabPath team. With a focus on user experience and human design on both web and mobile applications, he continually improves the ease and usefulness of RehabPath’s directory sites. Growing up in India, Samjot saw how those struggling with addiction lacked resources to get help; he understands the importance of connecting people with the treatment they need. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and sports.

Manuel Muñoz

Digital Marketing Manager

Manuel helps treatment providers get the most out of their experience with RehabPath by providing technical support and generating measurable results. He brings over 8 years of experience as a full-stack digital marketer, including work as Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Manager at a luxury destination treatment facility, to serving RehabPath’s mission. He enjoys helping families solve real-world problems by making it easier for them to find the help they deserve. An avid traveler, Manuel spent 7 years in Thailand and now lives in Spain’s Costa del Sol with his wife and son. 

Akansha Sahay

Associate Project Manager

Akansha holds a B.A. in Mass Communication and Media and Master’s in Development Policy with a concentration on Sustainable and International Development, as well as 1 year of experience as an Internal Auditor with a UN-affiliated environmental organization. At RehabPath, she coordinates projects, manages content, keeps databases of rehab centers up-to-date and maintains client relationships. She’s committed to destigmatizing addiction in India, where talking about mental health is still taboo. In her personal time, she loves dancing, meeting new people and travelling.

Aaddarsh Patel


Aaddarsh works with treatment center owners to help them connect with a larger audience and enhance their performance through strategic consulting. With an MBA in Marketing and over 3 years of account and sales management experience, he loves discovering new potential through partnerships with organizations and startups in the mental health space. Aaddarsh is passionate about building relationships to co-create positive change. In his personal life, his interests center on food, health and fitness, crypto, combat sports, and dogs.

Ambarish Chatterjee

Fullstack Web Developer

Ambarish holds a Bachelor’s of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering and has more than 8 years of experience in web development. He develops, maintains and upgrades RehabPath’s websites to make them more engaging and easier to use for people seeking treatment. He loves trekking, traveling, photography, and playing with his kids.

We also rely on an awesome group of partners and collaborators, like Jeff Andrew, UX Cabin, Blend Marketing and John Kramer Marketing.

Current and Upcoming Initiatives

We operate a number of websites to help people around the globe find information about addiction treatment. Learn more about RehabPath.